We don't find suppliers. We find partners.

We're committed to selecting the very best suppliers to continue the quality, service, and value our owners and guests have come to expect. We negotiate and work with thousands of suppliers to deliver products to our hotels that meet or exceed each brand's specific standards.


Doing Business with Us

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The new supplier registration process is divided into four simple steps. You'll develop a profile for your company and enter information about your products and services. You'll also have the opportunity to send us any marketing and collateral materials about your company. After an online account is established, you can update your company profile as necessary.

Supplier Registration **NOTE: Due to new registration portal implementation, approvals may take up to 30 days**

All prospective and existing suppliers are required to register with HSM in order to become an approved supplier.

The evaluation process will determine if your company is eligible for inclusion in HSM procurement activities. On completion of the evaluation process you will be notified if you were selected for consideration or not.

Suppliers selected will be required to submit to further vetting prior to being allowed to participate in any procurement activity.

Suppliers will be contacted to participate in Procurement Activities to service our needs as opportunities become available. Be aware that opportunities are dependent on current market conditions, supply chain requirements and existing contracts. New suppliers are typically given consideration only when there is a need for a new bid or contract for a particular product or service.


Step 1: Registration

All prospective and existing suppliers desiring to do business with Hilton Supply Management need to register prior to becoming an approved vendor.

If your products and/or services are specifically related to the DAY-TO-DAY OPERATIONS of a hotel or enterprise, you will need to register below.

Step 2: Evaluation

Once you have successfully registered, we will review and evaluate the information submitted online. Only fully completed applications will be evaluated.

Step 3: Notification

On completion of your evaluation you will be notified via email whether your application was accepted or rejected. This step completes Phase 1 of the evaluation.

Step 4: Contact

Suppliers that are accepted in Phase 1 will be required to submit to additional vetting prior to being asked to participate in a contract opportunity. The additional vetting will be scheduled as opportunities become available in the suppliers product or service area.