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Who needs to register on Hilton Worldwide's supplier registration website?
All prospective and existing suppliers are required to register with Hilton Supply Management (HSM) in order to be considered to become an approved supplier.
For more information on doing business with us, please visit our Supply Management website by clicking here.
Who do I contact if I have questions regarding the registration process?
For all technical issues on creating a user account or on accessing your account on the registration website, please contact the Ariba Customer Support desk by phone at:

- North America /South America: +1-412-222-6153
- Europe/Middle East/Africa: +44 20 7187 4144
- Asia/Pacific: +65 6311 4745

For all other issues related to the Hilton registration process, please send an email to supplierinfo@hilton.com.
I have completed my registration. What is the next step? How long will it take to be notified if my supplier registration has been accepted?
On successfully completing the registration process, you will receive within 48 hours an auto-notification from the Ariba system confirming that your registration has been submitted.

Your registration request will then be evaluated by Hilton Supply Management. The evaluation process will determine if your company is eligible for inclusion in HSM procurement activities. On completion of the evaluation process you will receive an email notification advising whether or not your company was selected for consideration.

Suppliers selected will be required to submit to further vetting prior to being allowed to participate in any procurement activity.

Suppliers will be contacted to participate in Procurement Activities to service our needs as opportunities become available. Be aware that opportunities are dependent on current market conditions, supply chain requirements and existing contracts. New suppliers are typically given consideration only when there is a need for a new bid or contract for a particular product or service.
I still haven't had a response on the status of my registration. How can I accelerate the process?
The evaluation of a supplier's registration is a process that can take up to 30 days. Please be patient as your application will be reviewed as soon as possible.
When I complete the registration process, am I an approved supplier?
No. Successfully completing the registration process provides suppliers with the opportunity to be considered by Hilton Supply Management for inclusion in future RFP opportunities within the Hilton Worldwide portfolio. It doesn't confirm you as an approved supplier.
How do I become an approved supplier and what is the definition of an approved supplier?
To become an approved supplier, you must first be awarded a contract by Hilton Supply Management as part of our Procurement activities and you must negotiate a formal agreement for your products and services.

The definition of a Hilton Worldwide approved supplier is a supplier who has met our selection criteria, negotiated an agreement for specified services, and has been officially designated as an approved supplier by Hilton Supply Management.
How long is my registration valid?
Your registration is valid for one year and must be updated annually to continue to be valid. Registered suppliers will be contacted once a year to update and renew their registrations.
What if I don't provide all the requested data?
Failure to provide all the requested data will cause your application to be rejected. All data fields designated with the red bar are required for your application to be accepted.
How does Hilton Supply Management select suppliers?
Suppliers are evaluated based on criteria including financial stability, delivery performance, product performance, industry wide reputation, responsiveness in solving problems, and other relevant points. Every Hilton Worldwide supplier must commit to provide its products and services at contracted prices, maintain sufficient inventory levels, deliver the products at scheduled times, provide monthly pricing reports, and many other services to help our hotels perform at only the highest levels.

For more information on doing business with us, please visit our Supply Management website by clicking here.
What if my company's policy does not allow the submittal of our financial status?
When you register on our website, we do not require you to disclose your financial information. However, please note that, if we invite you to an RFP opportunity, we will go through additional vetting that will require financial investigation. Failure to provide the requested information may prevent your company to be considered for these opportunities.

If necessary, non-disclosure agreements can be submitted for consideration and accepted on a case-by-case basis.
Do I have to be currently servicing the Hospitality industry to be considered?
No, being a current supplier for the Hospitality industry strengthens your case but it is not a requirement and suppliers not currently servicing this industry will also be considered.
Where and to whom do I send samples of my product(s)?
All samples must be reviewed prior to approval and acceptance. Please don't send unsolicited product samples as they'll not be reviewed and will be discarded.