We know the hotel business inside and out.

We manage over 64,000 rooms and over $2 billion in room revenue across city center, convention, airport, and resort hotels, spanning full- and focused-service brands. Our dedicated team, across the globe, supports you through analysis, consultation, best practices, and the implementation of performance improvement plans.


Our Talent

Overhead shot of front desk employees.

Our team is recruited from the country's top schools and goes through an intensive eight-week training program. Upon passing, recruits are accredited and shadowed in their first few weeks with a hotel. As the trading environment and techniques are always evolving rapidly, we constantly develop and deliver training to our team - making sure properties are always receiving the latest in revenue management expertise.

Revenue Management Team

Chris Wilroy, Senior Director, Revenue Management Consolidated Center, Americas

Chris Wilroy

Senior Director
Revenue Management Consolidated Center, Americas

T + 1 972 383 2778

Darcy VanWyck, Senior Director of Revenue, Revenue Management Consolidated Centre, Europe Hilton Hotels

Darcy VanWyck

Senior Director of Revenue
Revenue Management Consolidated Centre Europe Hilton Hotels

T +1 44 (0) 20 7856 8000