We know the hotel business inside and out.

Established in 2004, Hilton Worldwide's Revenue Management Consolidated Center (RMCC) offers hotels world-class revenue management talent, tools and business processes. We manage over 200,000 rooms in 35 countries and over $6bn in room revenue across city center, convention, airport, and resort hotels, spanning full and focus service brands through 4 global offices (e.g. Dallas, London, Shanghai and Dubai). Our dedicated team, across the globe, supports you through analysis, consultation, best practices, and the implementation of performance improvement plans.


Our Talent

Overhead shot of front desk employees.

We find, develop and motivate the best Revenue Management professionals, fitting their expertise to the needs and profile of each individual hotel.

Our team is recruited from top schools around the globe and experienced professionals who bring with them a wealth of knowledge from various markets and economies. After a comprehensive interview process and extensive systems and theory training, new team members are accredited and shadowed in their first few weeks/months with a hotel, to ensure immediate effectiveness. We also develop and deliver training to our team regularly to ensure our hotels receive the latest in revenue management expertise.

Decision support tools are vital to ensure our revenue professionals make the most accurate and timely decisions. As the systems and techniques evolve rapidly, we adapt and create new tools to support the revenue managers in their role. From Demand to Displacement, Pricing to Pace, Overbooking, Peak Nights, and Availability/Controls, there are numerous tools to ensure out technology and resources are working as hard as our revenue professionals to grow your market share.

Our Global Leadership Team

Alistair Tweedie, Senior Director, RMCC-Americas Dallas Commercial Services Center, Americas

Alistair Tweedie

Senior Director
RMCC-Americas Dallas Commercial Services Center RMCCInfo@hilton.com

Darcy VanWyck, Senior Director, Europe RMCC Regional Headquarters-Europe

Darcy VanWyck

Senior Director
Europe RMCC Regional Headquarters-Europe darcy.vanwyck@hilton.com

Varun Raikhy, Director, RMCC Asia Pacific RMCC Shanghai Office

Varun Raikhy

RMCC Asia Pacific RMCC Shanghai Office varun.raikhy@hilton.com

Janelle Schwartz, Senior Director, Revenue Management MEA Regional Headquarters - MEA

Janelle Schwartz

Senior Director
Revenue Management MEA Regional Headquarters - MEA janelle.schwartz@hilton.com