Its all about the best fit for your hotel.

We care about the specific features/ dynamics of your hotel and take learning about the individual characteristics of your hotel seriously. Each hotel is properly profiled, gathering data such as the type of market (e.g. primary, secondary or tertiary), size and meeting space, revenue level, mix of business and current revenue management support structure. Then we provide a brochure that specifically highlights the RMCC Service Model that we feel, through the profiling process, is most appropriate for your hotel.


The Challenge for Hotels

  • Difficulty attracting and retaining robust Revenue Management talent
  • Increasing complexity of:
    • Revenue Systems and processes
    • Competitive Landscape
    • Distribution environment
  • Turbulent economic conditions makes market predictability difficult

RMCC Proposition

  • Consolidated Revenue Management service led by competent and disciplined RM experts
  • Continual training ensuring current knowledge base
  • Meticulous adherence to best practices to ensure consistent service and robust operating procedures
  • Competitive pricing that further enhances operating efficiencies

Business Benefits

  • Proven RevPAR Index results that outperform the market
  • Uninterrupted Revenue Management throughout the year
  • Best practices and systems implemented and used effectively
  • Constantly evolving latest Revenue Management techniques to grow your competitive advantage

RMCC-Americas Service Models