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The main goal of the Revenue Management Consolidated Center (RMCC) is to support properties in achieving superior market share and profitability. With technology developed specifically for the Hilton Worldwide portfolio, our team analyzes past, current, and future trends to help set price and inventory strategies.


Powerful Results

Graph of RevPAR index by month from entering the RMCC.

RMCC delivered market share growth for all participating hotels combined in each of the last 5 years, '06 to '10. Through Q3 2011 a sample of 100 hotels has achieved over 13% market share growth since entering the RMCC.

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Our Approach

Graph of RevPAR index comparison.

The RMCC maximizes cost and scale efficiencies, ensuring appropriate affordability to each property. They provide every property a service and cost model that reflects business complexity, size, and market environment.

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Our Tools

Sample graph of revenue index using our tools.

Our dedicated Revenue Management Innovation team is constantly evolving our tools and technology to keep us ahead of the revenue-optimization curve. Using technology created for our brands, the team quickly interprets market intelligence, trends, and insightful business data to optimize revenue.

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Our RMCC Talent

Chris Silcock, Global Head, Revenue Management. Global Brands and Commercial Services.

Chris Silcock

Global Head, Revenue Management
Global Brands & Commercial Services

T +1 703 883 5787

Chris Wilroy, Senior Director, Revenue Management Consolidated Center, Americas.

Chris Wilroy

Senior Director
Revenue Management Consolidated Center, Americas

T + 1 972 383 2778

Darcy VanWuck, Senior Director of Revenue Management Consolidated Center, Europe, Hilton Hotels.

Darcy VanWyck

Senior Director of Revenue
Revenue Management Consolidated Centre Europe Hilton Hotels

T +1 44 (0) 20 7856 8000