Leaders in Specialized Revenue Management

Established in 2004, Hilton's Revenue Management Consolidated Center (RMCC) was created to support properties in achieving superior market share and profitability. With technology developed specifically for the Hilton portfolio, our team analyzes past, current, and future trends to help set price and inventory strategies.


Our Global Reach

Graph of RevPAR index by month from entering the RMCC.

The RMCC represents hotels in 35 countries and has 4 global offices (Dallas, London, Dubai and Shanghai). 34% of Hilton Properties use the RMCC. In the last two years, 1,000 + hotels have joined the RMCC.

We have generated more than $52 million in market share growth in the last 12 months. That's $1.4 million more than non-RMCC hotels!

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Our Approach

We believe every Hilton property has unique strengths and challenges. That's why we provide service and cost models tailored to each hotel, reflecting business complexity, size, and market environment. We provide appropriate levels of engagement depending on your needs, ensuring you're fully engaged in decision-making and continue to own revenue performance.

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Our Services

We care about the specific features/ dynamics of your hotel and take learning about the individual characteristics of your hotel seriously. Each hotel is properly profiled, gathering data such as the type of market (e.g. primary, secondary or tertiary), size and meeting space, revenue level, mix of business and current revenue management support structure. Then we provide a brochure that specifically highlights the RMCC Service Model that we feel, through the profiling process, is most appropriate for your hotel.

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Our Global Leadership Team

Alistair Tweedie, Senior Director, RMCC Americas: Dallas Commercial Services Center, Americas

Alistair Tweedie

Senior Director
RMCC Americas: Dallas Commercial Services Center rmccinfo@hilton.com

Darcy VanWyck, Senior Director, RMCC Europe: Europe Regional Headquarters

Darcy VanWyck

Senior Director
RMCC Europe: Europe Regional Headquarters darcy.vanwyck@hilton.com

Chris Cranford, Director, RMCC Asia Pacific: Shanghai Office

Chris Cranford

RMCC Asia Pacific: Shanghai Office chris.cranford@hilton.com

Marie-Laure Metziger, Director, RMCC Middle East, Africa and Turkey: MEA Regional Headquarters

Marie-Laure Metziger

RMCC Middle East, Africa and Turkey: MEA Regional Headquarters marie-laure.metziger@hilton.com

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